Marrying a Hindu youth as Shalu from Shaheen, the family became the enemy of life, pleaded for security

Breaking the restrictions of caste and religion, a Muslim girl who made a love marriage with a Hindu youth is getting death threats from her family. On Thursday, she along with her husband reached the Sadar Bazar police station and pleaded for security. Poet Saurabh Jain Suman has also demanded action while tweeting the matter.

Sajan, a resident of Railway Road, was having a love affair with Shaheen, a resident of Sadar Bazar. The religions of both were different but this reason never became an obstacle in their love. Both vowed to spend life together and decided to get married. On January 8, Shaheen and Sajan ran away from home and got married. The marriage was to be done according to Hindu customs, so Shaheen changed her name to Shalu. After marriage Sajan’s family accepted him but Shaheen’s family did not agree and started threatening him on the phone.

When the matter reached poet Saurabh Jain Suman on Thursday, he took both of them to the Sadar Bazar police station and raised the issue of the security of the newly married couple. He also tweeted the matter. When the Sadar Bazar police talked to both of them, the matter turned out to be of the Railway Road police station. After talking to the Railway Road Police, he was sent to the police station. ASP Cantt Vivek Yadav said that a report is being lodged at the Railway Road police station on the complaint of the couple. Both have been assured of security.

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