Maharajganj: Due to one-sided love, the eccentric lover along with a friend slit the girl’s throat and killed her.

In Gajra village of Barigaon in Ghugli area of ​​Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh, a man who failed in one-sided love along with his friend killed the girl by slitting her throat with knives. Police arrested both the accused on Tuesday. According to Maharajganj SP Dr. Kaustubh, five teams were deployed to nab the accused of this massacre. According to the police, accused Gajra resident Annu Singh alias Abhishek Singh and Majhila-Kaptanganj resident Vivek Pandey have been arrested from Harkhi turn of Ghughli.

The SSP said that during interrogation, the accused Annu accepted that he was in one-sided love with the girl and expressed his love several times. But whenever he expressed his love, she refused. The accused also has a wife and she has been living in her maiden for a long time and the conversation between the two is closed. According to the police, the accused was very upset about this and could not sleep the first night after the incident. On August 26, when the girl left home to go for tuition, the accused followed her along with his friend Vivek Pandey and tried to persuade her again. This time also the girl refused him.

After this, the accused became so enraged that he decided to kill the girl. After this, the accused along with his friend Vivek Pandey planned to kill the girl. On August 27, at around 12.40 pm, when the girl was leaving home for coaching, the accused attacked her with a knife and killed her near a teak garden in village Barigaon. According to the police, both have accepted their crime.

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