Lucknow: Deadly anger at a young age, the child hanged himself for quarreling with his brother for TV

A student committed suicide by hanging himself after a fight with his younger brother over watching TV at Katra Vision Beg in Saadatganj, Lucknow. Seeing the dead body of the son hanging from the trap, the mother made noise. Neighbors rushed to help. On being taken to the hospital, the doctors confirmed the death.

Ayushman (15), the elder son of Rumika Tiwari, a resident of Katra Vision Beg, was a seventh standard student in a private school. At night he was watching TV sitting in the room with younger brother Anshuman. There was a fight between the brothers over changing the channel. Ayushmann slaps the younger brother. Angered by this, Anshuman went to his mother to complain. Enraged, Rumika slapped the elder son three times. Ayushman got angry with this. He told his mother that every time you take the side of your brother. Went to the room and closed the door.

Rumika asks son to open the door. He hanged himself by making a noose of his dupatta. Rumika burst into tears seeing her son hanging on the noose. On receiving the information Brijesh Kumar, in-charge of Katra Vision Beg post also reached. He told that the family members were not ready to conduct the post-mortem of Ayushmann’s body. In such a situation, the dead body has been handed over after filling the panchayatnama. Father Rajesh Tiwari has already died.

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