Lord Keshav’s appearance in the court in Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Idgah case, court accepted, order not to bring next time

During the ongoing hearing on the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Idgah case in the Mathura court, a strange sight was witnessed. Lord Krishna appeared before the court. Accepting the presence of Bhagwan, the court also ordered not to bring him on the next date. On February 13, now other litigants will be present as friends of God.

Case number-12/2023 was being heard in the court of Civil Judge Senior Division in Mathura. There are 6 litigants in the case. In this, Bhagwan Keshavdev Maharaj Virajman Katra Keshav Dev was also made a plaintiff as the 6th plaintiff. During the hearing on January 23, the court considered Bhagwan Keshav Dev, who was made plaintiff at number 6, absent. After this, other plaintiffs had reached the court with the idol of God as a plaintiff.

Accepting the presence of God, the court has also asked not to bring it on the next hearing. There are 6 plaintiffs in the case number 12/2023. In this Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Nirman Trust, Rashtriya Brahmin Yuvajan Sabha, Bijnor resident Anil Kumar Pandey, Mahamandaleshwar Dharmendra Giri, Satyam Sharma and Thakur Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj are sitting Katra Keshav Dev.

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