Lolark Aditya Mahadev’s first Annakoot Shringar will be held on Sunday in Varanasi

The first Annakoot Shringar Festival of Lolarkaditya Mahadev of Kashi, Magh Sudi Pratipada, will be held on January 22. Mahant of the temple, Pt. Is.

Earlier such rituals were not performed in the temple. He told that this ritual is being performed with the wish of world welfare and the desire of India to become a world guru. On January 22, the work of worship will start in Brahma Muhurta. After giving Panchamrit bath to Baba, he will be grandly decorated with flowers and leaves in different seasons, he will be made to wear gold and silver ornaments.

After the Aarti, Annakoot Darshan will be accessible for the devotees. Program coordinator Pandit Avinash Pandey Chhotu Maharaj told that on this special occasion there will be a musical recitation of Sunderkand from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Baba’s grand aarti will be performed at 7:00 pm. The darshan of Ankur Shringar will be accessible to the devotees till 9:00 pm.

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