Like blood donation, now women will be able to donate milk, abandoned children will also get mother’s milk

Like donating blood, now women will also donate milk. For this, a lactation management unit will be set up in the District Women’s Hospital. Apart from the abandoned children, this milk will also be given to those newborns whose mothers are unable to breastfeed due to any reason. Mothers will be made aware to donate milk.

When the government issued instructions, the exercise intensified: In order to make mother’s milk available to the newborn, the government has given green signal to the establishment of Lactation Management Unit in the District Women’s Hospital. It is being considered to set up this unit next to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit located in the District Women’s Hospital premises. About 25 lakh rupees will be spent in preparing this unit. As soon as the order was issued from the government, the District Women’s Hospital Administration has also intensified the preparations. It is likely that the operation of the unit will be started soon after installation of necessary equipments.

Mother’s milk will be kept safe for 12 hours: Women will be able to donate milk through this unit. Donated milk will be preserved in the deep freezer. This milk can be used after keeping it safe for more than 12 hours. According to the district hospital administration, until now powdered milk is given to unclaimed newborns, but after the operation of the unit, milk donated by women will be available. Along with this, this milk will also be given to those babies whose mothers will not be able to breastfeed the child due to any reason. This facility will be available only to those women who have given birth in the district hospital or any government hospital.

Campaign will run to make women aware: Health department officials say that there are many mothers whose milk after delivery is more than what the newborn drinks. Those women will be made aware and motivated to donate milk. For this, the staff posted in the hospital after delivery will complete the process of donating milk. Like blood donation, milk donation has also been kept in the category of great donation.
Women’s Hospital CMS Dr. PK Srivastava said that the order regarding the establishment of Lactation Management Unit has not yet been received in writing. But the unit is being established in many districts. As soon as the order is received, the process of setting up a 100-bed maternity wing will be started.

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