Leopard panic in Kanpur! Sighted again near Armapur canal, search operation continues

UP There is a panic of leopard in Kanpur for many months. Many times leopard was seen in residential areas and many times it has also been seen in IIT Kanpur. Now after IIT, NSI there are reports of leopard sighting once again. It is being told that this time the leopard has been seen near the Armapur canal. Apart from this, once he has also been seen near Kalpi Road. People are in panic after the information about leopard sighting in the area. It is being told that the leopard was seen near the Armapur canal on Sunday evening.

According to the information, panic spread among the people after the leopard was seen near the canal. The forest department was also informed about the sighting of the leopard. The forest department and zoo teams conducted a search operation in the areas near the canal. He is being searched since Sunday. However, the leopard is still far from being caught. Along with the search operation, the Forest Department team has issued an alert for the people living nearby. Notices have been put up on trees and other places to beware of leopards.

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Many people have also talked about hearing the sound of leopard growling. The Forest Department team is continuing its search operation and alerting people to be alert in deserted areas at night. Actually, leopard has been seen in many areas of Kanpur for a long time. Although the leopard is still out of reach. There have also been reports of leopard dogs hunting but are yet to be confirmed.

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