Kidnapped saree businessman killed in Varanasi, honey-trapped and called to BHU, thrown into the Ganges for not getting 20 lakhs

The abducted saree trader was murdered four days ago from Varanasi. The saree trader was abducted after being called to BHU. A ransom of Rs 20 lakh was demanded by calling the family members from his phone. When there was a possibility of not getting the ransom, he killed and threw the dead body from the bridge into the Ganges. The master mind of the whole incident was a young woman. She used to come to the saree merchant’s shop. During this, he had honeytrapped the businessman. It was because of the honeytrap that the businessman had gone to BHU on his call. Disclosing the whole matter on Wednesday, the police have arrested the girl and her husband along with the accomplices.

Agent Anjali Pandey was supposed to visit the shop of saree businessman Mahmood Alam (50), a resident of Ahata Rohila in Gauriganj (Bhelupur), a private insurance company based in Chetganj. Anjali honeytrapped the businessman. After this, preparations were made for recovery from him. On Saturday, Anjali called the businessman to meet BHU.

Anjali’s husband Anirudh and friend Praveen were already present here with their SUV. The businessman was called in the SUV and asked to make arrangements for Rs 20 lakh. When he told about not being able to arrange 20 lakhs, it was decided to give eight lakhs. The businessman called his son Faizan and asked him to arrange the money.

Here the son suspected that his father had been kidnapped. He informed the police. Seeing that the money was not arranged here, took the businessman in an SUV and reached Chunar Ghat. In the SUV itself, the businessman was strangled to death with the data cable and the dupatta of the girl. The dead body was thrown from the bridge into the middle of the Ganges.

In police office on Wednesday, Additional CP Crime and Headquarters Santosh Kumar Singh, DCP Kashi Zone RS Gautam disclosed the incident and said that apart from husband wife Anjali and Anirudh, his friend Praveen has been arrested. Chaukaghat resident shopkeeper Atul Kumar Sharma, Helper Parade Kothi resident Rahul Agrahari, who provided fake SIMs for the incident, have also been taken into custody.

Husband-wife and others came in this way

The police had found the last location of the businessman in BHU. When the CCTV cameras here were searched, along with the businessman, the girl and other accused were identified. After this the police caught the first two accused. Then Anjali was also arrested. After this, the remaining two accused were also caught. Bhelupur Inspector Ramakant Dubey says that the body of businessman Mehmood has not been found yet.

Girl’s number was found in call detail

When the Bhelupur police investigated the call details of the businessman, it was found that he had spoken to 2-3 people on Sunday. The police interrogated all those whom he spoke to. There was also a woman’s phone number in it. The police interrogated that girl as well. The girl had earlier said that the businessmen had come to the BHU campus yesterday at the behest of someone.

After this mysteriously disappeared. CCTV footage from BHU Main Gate to Vishwanath Temple was taken out. During this, the police is seen in a footage that businessmen are entering inside from the gate. During this, the police was also probing other aspects including business and money transactions.

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