Keeping the rules in mind, the officers had given the research institute to Azam’s Jauhar Trust, more than one secret is being opened

In giving Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Training and Research Institute on lease to the Jauhar Trust of Samajwadi Party’s National General Secretary Mohammad Azam Khan, the officers not only ignored the rules, but also acted in haste. Now when the turn has come to cancel the lease and take possession of it, revelations are being made of ignoring the rules. Now it has been learned from the correspondence that on completion of the construction work, the minority department from the executive body C&DS had directly handed over the building to Azam Khan’s trust without taking over.

In fact, SP government’s strong minister Azam Khan had taken the government research institute of his own minority welfare department on lease in his private trust. It is alleged that the rules were also changed several times for this. Even the objectives of the research institute were changed by the SP government. This research institute built at a cost of about Rs 20 crore was taken by Azam Khan on a lease of 99 years at the rate of Rs 100 per year. The famous Jauhar Research Institute was built by C&DS, the executive body of Jal Nigam. Jal Nigam also came under the jurisdiction of Azam Khan at that time. The work order was given to it by the minority department, which has not been handed over till date.

CM Yogi Adityanath had recommended an SIT probe into the matter. When the SIT completed the investigation and submitted the report to the government, in the cabinet meeting of the Yogi government held in the last week of January, a proposal was passed to withdraw the Johar Research Institute from the Jauhar Trust. Its process is now going on at the local level.

RPS screw in taking possession

Rampur Public School’s screw is stuck in taking over the Jauhar Shodh Sansthan. In fact, the Revenue Department has informed the DM that at present the school is running there, in view of the future of the children, it may not be appropriate to evict them. The District Magistrate has sought guidance from the government on this.

The deputy director who got the lease deed to Johar Trust suspended

On the trust of Azam Khan, this generosity was shown by Raghavendra Pratap Singh, who was his favorite officer in the SP government. He had got the lease deed done to Johar Trust when he was Deputy Director Minority Welfare. On one hand, he had signed on the other hand, the office bearer of Jauhar Trust and currently SP MLA Naseer Ahmed Khan. In this case, Joint Director RP Singh was suspended in the month of December. It may be known that when this research institute was given to the trust of Azam Khan, at that time he was posted as District Minority Welfare Officer in Rampur.

DGC Revenue Ajay Tiwari said that according to the rules, after the work order of a building is completed, the department handovers the work to the concerned department, but this did not happen in the case of Johar Shodh Sansthan. Without completing the work order, the minority department directly gave the possession to Jauhar Trust, which was against the rules. The SIT has also taken up this point prominently.

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