Kanpur: 25 retired officers to be evicted from BIC bungalows, 322 occupants identified

Kanpur News: The Ministry of Textiles has called for the report to vacate the properties of BIC. In this, 322 occupants have been identified on BIC properties. Now the place will be vacated from all these. Retired officers of 25 BICs are also occupying these properties, from whom they will be vacated in April after paying the dues.

Except 19 properties of BIC, possession of outside and departmental employees and officers has been found in all. Half have also been given notice under the PP Act. The Ministry of Textiles has given instructions to the management to vacate the possession of all and send the report. Meanwhile, a proposal of Rs 102 crore has been approved for the outstanding salary and retirement dues of BIC. Salary till March 2022 and dues to retired officers and personnel will be paid from the amount. The ministry has indicated to give the payment in April. At the same time, in the meeting of Lal Imli Employees Union, President Ajay Singh said that 10 months salary will be left for the MP in gratitude for the package.

BIC will propose land in public interest

On the intention of the Ministry of Textiles, BIC has also started work on the proposal regarding the issue of giving some part of its lands located in the main areas of the city to the State Government for works of public interest. In return, BIC has started brainstorming on preparing an option to propose freehold of all the land. This process is considered very important.

Got three bungalows vacated from former IPS

The BIC management has vacated three bungalows at Mekrabertganj and VIP Road a month and a half ago following a court order from former IPS Raghavendra Awasthi. In this episode, the guest house running in the bungalow in Khalasi line has also been vacated and taken over. That’s why BIC management has also opened the option of court. Now BIC has also started consulting the government to get the bungalows vacated.

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