Is Rahul Gandhi hasty on Varun? How ‘Brahmastra’ can be for Congress in North India

Is Rahul Gandhi hasty on Varun? How ‘Brahmastra’ can be for Congress in North India

Varun Gandhi: It is true that Varun has been angry with the BJP for a long time. His statements given from time to time also confirm this. For this reason, speculations started about Varun that he may go to another team.

Varun Gandhi News: BJP’s Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi is in limelight. For a long time, he has been questioning the plans of his own party, after which speculations about his joining the Congress started. Questions started being raised in the political circles that in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Varun Gandhi could hardly be made the BJP candidate. In such a situation, he can give new energy to the party along with cousin Rahul by turning to Congress. However, Rahul Gandhi put a brake on all these speculations recently by saying that he cannot accept Varun Gandhi’s ideology. Ever since Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Varun, discussions have started whether Rahul Gandhi made haste regarding the cousin? Should he have closed the doors of the party door for Varun so soon? Political experts believe that if Varun’s entry had been in Congress, it would have been no less than a ‘Brahmastra’ for the Congress party.

Varun could have revived the Congress in North India

The politics of the Gandhi family has revolved around North India. Out of this, especially Uttar Pradesh is very important. At present, where Sonia Gandhi is the MP from Rae Bareli, Amethi has also been a bastion of the Gandhi family before the 2019 elections. In the last election, Smriti Irani made a dent in the Gandhi family stronghold by defeating Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. The present condition of the Congress, which at one time ruled unilaterally in the states of North India, has become critical. The Congress has only two MLAs in UP, while only Sonia Gandhi is representing UP in the Parliament. The party’s position in other states like Uttarakhand, Bihar, Delhi, Jammu-Kashmir, Punjab etc. is not very good. In such a situation, if Varun Gandhi had joined the Congress, the party was expected to benefit from it in many states. Varun could have played a key role in reviving the party. It is notable that Varun’s politics till now has been of Uttar Pradesh only. He has been winning from Sultanpur and Pilibhit. His connect with the public is still intact and he does not hold back from besieging his own government on the issue of farmers and youth.

Varun Gandhi is rich in excellent speech style

Political experts believe that if Varun Gandhi focused on North India along with Priyanka Gandhi, the party would have benefited in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. After this, Varun Gandhi could be useful for the Congress in the 2027 UP assembly elections as well. Congress currently has very few leaders with excellent oratory style. It cannot be denied that good speeches in rallies during elections have a great impact on the voters. If we look at the speeches given by Varun in the past, they have been very popular. Whenever Varun has given speeches from the forums, there has been a lot of applause from the public. Earlier, many veteran leaders including Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Himanta Biswa Sarma were present in the Congress. In the last few years, all of them have been leaving the Congress one by one. In such a situation, the Congress now lacks leaders with big and mass base. If the Congress would have been able to rope in Varun Gandhi, it would have been no less than a great achievement for the party. Also, in the election season, she would have been able to send a message to the public that she still remains the choice of big leaders. In elections also, these messages have a lot of influence among the public.

Varun has no dearth of options!

It is true that Varun has been angry with the BJP for a long time. His statements given from time to time also confirm this. For this reason, speculation started about Varun that he may switch to some other party before the next Lok Sabha elections. If sources are to be believed then Varun has no dearth of options. When the doors for Varun’s entry in Congress were almost closed after Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Varun still has many other options left. Recently, after the statement of SP leader Shivpal, there were speculations about Varun joining SP. On a question related to Varun, Shivpal Yadav told reporters, “Whoever comes together to remove BJP’s corrupt government is welcome.” Shivpal’s statement has started indicating that SP will allow Varun Gandhi in the party. Will not back down from taking it at all. Varun can also get advantage in contesting elections from Pilibhit. Varun has been raising the issues of farmers for years. Then whether it is standing with the food providers in the farmer’s movement, or taking the side of the farmers in the Thar incident in Lakhimpur, farmers have played an important role in Varun’s politics. In such a situation, due to SP and RLD being together, Varun is also likely to get its electoral benefit. However, only time will tell what is the future of Varun Gandhi’s politics. Whether he contests the next Lok Sabha elections with the current party BJP or joins some other party, but it cannot be denied that if Congress opens its doors for Varun, it has more chances to gain than to lose. .

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