Is it a servant quarter or a hen house, the Ayush minister was surprised to see the size of the room; reprimanded the engineers

Amid preparations for the inauguration of the OPD of Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath State AYUSH University by the hands of CM Yogi, the AYUSH Minister did a site inspection of the university. The minister was surprised to see the flaws in the construction and the very small size of the servant quarters built in the university. He called it the hen house. The engineers of the executing agency were reprimanded for this. The minister said that you are making a room like a hen house, how can anyone live in it. He instructed to fix the size of the room.

Minister of State for AYUSH Dayashankar Mishra alias Dayalu had arrived to inspect AYUSH University on Tuesday. He arrived in Type-5 housing. Servant quarters are built adjacent to these houses. The AYUSH minister was surprised to see the size of the servant room. The size of the servant room is seven feet wide and eight feet long. When he asked Himesh Joshi, the project manager of the construction company, he told that the rooms have been prepared on the basis of the design.
Shoe Rack Made Better Than Servant Quarters

Life-size racks are also being made near the servant quarters. Seeing the rack of size about four feet long and two and a half feet wide, the minister asked for whom it was being prepared. Officials told that it is called shoe-rack. It is being prepared to keep the shoes. On this, the minister reprimanded and said that first make a room fit for a human being, then make a shoe-rack. He instructed to enlarge the room of the servant quarter by breaking the wall of the shoe-rack.

There will be accommodation for doctors in the campus

The Vice Chancellor gave information about the OPD being operated at the facility center. He told that the OPD will run in the main building. This building will be used as restaurants and cafes. The Vice-Chancellor described the houses being constructed as very less. He said that no doctor would be able to come everyday from 50 km away. The Minister of State instructed to remove this deficiency by making it a multi-storey building. During this, Registrar RB Singh, Finance Controller SP Singh, Controller of Examinations CK Rajput etc. were present.

Minister asked to find land for organic farm

AYUSH Minister Vice-Chancellor Prof. AK Singh was asked to see the arrangement of more lands around for organic form. He said that the fruits produced from the organic form would be given to the patients undergoing treatment. The minister also directed to construct a permanent helipad in the campus. On the slow progress of the construction work, the AYUSH minister asked the project manager what target you have set. The project manager said that the construction work would be completed by September 28. He said that action will be taken if the institution is negligent in the construction work.

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