Inspector thrashed fiercely when he reached Lucknow to raid, chased away the thief

In the capital Lucknow, the inspector who reached Banthara to catch the wanted thief from Mohanlalganj police station was beaten up by the family members and taken away. On the information of this ruckus, the police force reached there. But, no one was found at home. On the other hand, the police is denying beating the sub-inspector.

A case was registered against Kallu Rawat, a resident of Khatola village in Banthara, in connection with the theft in Mohanlalganj’s Sohawan. He was absconding in this. As soon as his location was found at home, Bhagukheda outpost in-charge of Mohanlalganj Kotwali reached his house late on Sunday evening. The outpost in-charge along with the constable caught Kallu. Had reached outside the village with him, only then the family members came with some people. These people tried to free Kallu. When the inspector protested, everyone broke down on him. Everyone escaped after freeing Kallu while scuffling with the inspector. Police say that a lot of crimes have happened in Khatola village. There have been more than 16 murders in the supremacy between the two groups.

the constable was beaten earlier also

Even before this, in this village of Banthara, Inspector Ashrafilal Yadav was seriously injured after being thrashed by the villagers. He was hospitalized for two weeks. A case was filed against more than a dozen villagers in this case.

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