Inhumanity with a woman by calling her a ghost, Tantrik burnt her hands and feet with hot tongs

In the Nighasan area of ​​Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, a person from his own village hurt a sick woman in the name of tantra-mantra, telling that she was possessed by a ghost. To get rid of the evil spirits, while blowing an exorcism, hands and feet were stained with hot iron tongs. Cut his hair too. On the complaint of the woman, the police registered a report against the tantrik and took him into custody.

A woman from the village of Kotwali area has said in Tahrir given to the police on Wednesday that she was ill for a long time. On February 5, the family members showed him to Suresh Lodhi of his family and village, who used tantra-mantra. Describing him as a ghost, the accused heated his tongs and stained both his hands and feet. Apart from this, his hair was also cut. Due to this her hands and feet were burnt and she fainted. The family members took him to Nighasan CHC on February 5 itself. Since then he is undergoing treatment there. The woman says that her condition is critical.

The accused keeps torturing people by pretending to be an exorcist. Kotwal Arun Kumar Singh told that the woman and the accused belong to the same family. The woman is the cousin daughter-in-law of the accused. On the basis of the woman’s complaint, a case has been registered against the accused Suresh Lodhi for injuring and outraging the modesty of the woman. Medical examination of the woman has been done. The accused has also been taken into custody.

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