In this colony of Lucknow, income tax officials are looking for benami property of officers, notice to leaders also

The Income Tax Department is eyeing Srijan Vihar Colony located in Gomtinagar, Lucknow. It is said that the department has also sent notices to many big officers and leaders in search of benami properties here. On the information of the colony being illegal, documents and information have been sought from the LDA for action against illegal construction.

Srijan Vihar Colony has been built adjacent to the former memorial of Ambedkar Memorial in Gomtinagar, this colony is completely illegal. Due to being at a very prime location, there are many big IAS, IPS and leaders’ quarters, bungalows, in which hardly anyone’s map is near. There were a total of 105 plots in the colony, of which about 65 have houses and the rest are vacant. No one has information about whose vacant plots are and why they are vacant. According to RWA Secretary Capt SC Sharma himself, he does not even know who is the owner of the vacant plots. According to him, many of these properties could be benami.

Alok Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Department, has written a letter to LDA Secretary Pawan Gangwar on January 16. In this, by mentioning the Benami Property Transaction Act, all the documents have been sought from the authority. He has sought certified copies of LDA’s action papers, orders. Records of demolition have also been sought. The Income Tax Department has asked the LDA Secretary to give certified copies of all the information. If any information is sent wrong or incomplete, action will be taken along with imposing a fine of Rs 25,000.

LDA handed over details of 33 cells

The LDA has given the details of 33 kothis to the Income Tax. Notices and other action were taken against these 33 cells earlier. In the past, orders for the demolition of many houses have also been made. Some people have also appealed against the demolition order in the commissioner’s court. The order to demolish the bungalow of a building owner Sushma Dwivedi was made on July 7, 2022.

12 thousand square feet houses

In Srijan Vihar there are very big and luxurious kothis. This colony is not visible from outside, but seeing the houses built inside, one can guess the status. Kothis are made here from 6000 to 12000 square feet.

notice issued

Srijan Vihar RWA Secretary Captain SC Sharma said that efforts are on to regularize Srijan Vihar Colony. The owners of many plots are not known at all. If all the plots are vacant then no development fee will be given. People are ready to pay their share of fee, the authority is demanding lump sum. The Income Tax Department has issued notices to some people.

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