In this city of UP, Municipal Corporation started spreading pollution in river Ganga, fined Rs 25 lakh

In Kanpur, instead of saving the river Ganga from getting dirty, the Municipal Corporation is engaged in polluting it. Citing the monsoon, the bioremediation plant of four drains was not started from July to November, due to which the waste of four drains kept going into the Ganga for five months. On the recommendation of the Pollution Control Board, the headquarter has imposed a fine of Rs 25 lakh.

Bioremediation plants have been set up at Ranighat, Satti Chaura, Meskar Ghat, Gola Ghat and Dabka Nala. There is a system of letting water into the Ganga only after the dirt is cleaned from it. Apart from this, instead of running the plant, the Municipal Corporation closed the plant from July to November citing monsoon and in such a situation, the dirt kept going into the Ganga. The officers of the Pollution Control Board have investigated and recommended a fine for the closure of the plant. The state headquarter of the board has imposed a fine of about Rs 25 lakh on all the four drains. Its information has also been given to DM, Regional Pollution Control Board and Municipal Corporation. It goes on to say that even after the closure of the plant of Ratanpur drain falling into the Pandu river, a fine of 25 lakhs has been imposed on the Municipal Corporation by the pollution board.

Citing the rules, the Municipal Corporation had talked about not running the plant in the monsoon. In view of this, the officers of the Pollution Control Board gave up on rainy days. The day it didn’t rain in five months. The fine for that day has been imposed on different drains.

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