In the seventh month of love marriage, the wife’s heart fell on someone else, the husband was stunned to hear this demand; Know then?

In UP’s Amroha, after a love affair that lasted for two years, a girl who rebelled against her family and married a relative, gave her heart to another young man within seven months. Just before parting, she demanded a divorce from her husband. The husband was stunned at this demand, so his stubbornness surprised all the people from both the sides. However, after some time, the family members also stood by the daughter’s decision. At present, no result has come out in the panchayat going on between the two sides to resolve the issue.

The case is related to a locality of the city. During the lockdown, the daughter of a person resident here fell in love with a relative of the city. The end result was that last year, the girl, disclosing her lover in front of her family members, insisted on marrying him. Although initially the family members were against his decision, but in the end they had to bow down to the insistence of the daughter. As a result, in July 2022, about seven months before the consent of both the families, the loving couple was solemnized. Meanwhile, the young man had lost his job in Delhi during the Corona period.

Therefore, citing financial constraints, his relatives promised to bid farewell after Eid this year in May or June. Both the families were satisfied with each other due to the matter decided after mutual discussion. Now, when the time of farewell came near, there was a buzz of marriage transactions between the two families, then the young woman surprised everyone by saying that she would divorce herself while stopping the family members. When the relatives asked the reason, he regretted his decision and apologized for his mistake. On the other hand, troubled by the sudden change of attitude of the girl, the youth side investigated it, then another game hidden behind this decision of the girl came to the fore. It is being told that the girl is now having a love affair with another young man. The economic condition of the young man is better than that of the husband.

Divorce reached for non-payment of expenses

After marrying his girlfriend, the young man was working with his maternal uncle in Jammu and Kashmir for the last six months. It is said that many times in the tune of earning money, he started ignoring the mobile calls of his wife. Although, hiding from the family, he was giving her a little bit of expenses, but the expenses of the wife were not being met with the money given by him. So, meanwhile, the girl’s heart fell on another young man living in the locality. Seeing his lifestyle, she decided to divorce her husband.

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