In Etah, a young man got married to the mother of four children in a fake way, was about to abscond with jewelry from her in-laws, then…

In Uttar Pradesh’s Etah, the police have busted a gang that conducted fake marriages. The police arrested the robber bride along with her accomplices. This gang gets married fraudulently. Then after being exposed, they intimidate by threatening to implicate them in cases like rape and dowry.

While giving a press conference on Tuesday, SSP Uday Shankar Singh told that on February 7, Naresh Chandra, a resident of Ghazipur Pahor, while filing a report, told that he has four brothers. Anil was approached for Pradeep’s marriage. He contacted Dharmendra and told about having a girl in Lucknow. Everyone reached Kanpur on 28th December. There Anil reached Lucknow with his brother-in-law Pinku. On liking the girl, the baby shower also took place. And reached Lucknow on January 26 with a procession. But by then it is learned that the girl with whom the marriage was fixed has eloped with someone else. In such a situation, when the groom’s side created pressure, he got married to some other girl.

On January 27, he came to the village with the bride. During this, Pradeep came to know that with whom he got married. He is already married and has four children. When he complained about this, the bride and her companions threatened to implicate him in a false case. While taking cognizance of the matter, the Kotwali Dehat police arrested the woman and her companions Anil, Dharmendra and Rahul from the house and sent them to jail. In this case, the SSP told that there are organized gangs who commit fraud in the name of getting married. On the other hand, the woman used to run away with the jewelery after getting the opportunity.

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