If you want to die, not here, go to DM and die, said BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj to family seeking justice for daughter

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, who is in news for his statements and attitude, is once again in news. When the family, seeking justice for the daughter, asked to die at the door of the MP, Sakshi Maharaj said, “Don’t die here, if you want to die, go and die at the DM’s place.” The audio of the victim’s father is going viral. It is not clear when the audio is from. The MP has spoken about tampering in the audio. Hindustan newspaper does not confirm any such viral audio. Hindustan newspaper does not confirm any such viral audio.

On February 10, 2022, the dead body of the victim’s family was recovered by the police in the septic tank of former SP minister Fateh Bahadur Singh’s ashram. On the Tahrir of the relatives, a case was registered in Sadar Kotwali against the minister’s sons Rajol Singh and Ashok Singh and Pandit etc. of the ashram. The accused were also sent to jail. During that time, the district administration had assured compensation of Rs 25 lakh, government job and pucca house to the victim’s family. After almost a year, no demand was fulfilled.

In order to get justice, the victim’s father has made many visits from DM to Sadar MLA’s residence. No hearing took place. Now called and sought justice from MP Sakshi Maharaj. The victim’s family said that if we do not get justice, we will come to your house and die. On this MP Sakshi Maharaj said that if you want to die then die at DM’s place. The assurance has been received from there. The audio of the conversation is viral on social media. When is the viral audio, it could not be confirmed.

In this case, MP Sakshi Maharaj says that the audio has been made viral by chopping. He is not like that. Don’t want to say anything in the context of what is happening now. If a man talks like this then leave it, what can we do?

Administration sent wrong report: victim’s father

DM Apoorva Dubey has sent a wrong report. Rs 8.24 lakh was received under the SCST Act. It was then assured that Rs 25 lakh, housing and a job would be given to the boy. Now it is being said that the money has been received. There is already a permanent residence. The boy will get the job on the basis of his merit. Appealed to the MP. He shouldn’t have said that. Now on January 25, Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak has been warned of self-immolation.

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