If you are thinking of buying a house or flat in Lucknow, then read this news, prices will decrease

About three thousand flats of LDA and Housing Development Council and 29003 vacant flats of authorities of the entire state, the price of properties will decrease soon. These properties, which are about 10 to 30 years old, are not getting any buyers, due to which they have not been sold till now. In this, Rs 10002.87 crore of housing development and authorities is stuck. In such a situation, now the government is preparing to sell them by reducing their prices.

The Housing Development Board and the state’s development authorities have built thousands of such houses, flats and shops in their colonies, which people are not ready to buy, while many of these properties are at prime locations. But the prices of most of these are higher than the market rates. Not only this, the authority and the housing development are priced higher than the rates being sold by the builders nearby. Because of this people are buying flats and houses from private builders. Authorities are avoiding taking from housing development.

The matter has come to the notice of the government. Authorities are not able to raise budget for new housing schemes due to huge amount stuck in it. In view of this, the government has started the exercise of selling these properties. Preparations have been made to sell these properties by reducing their prices. On the instructions of Principal Secretary Housing Nitin Ramesh Gokarn, Ravi Jain, director of Awas Bandhu, wrote a letter to all other authorities except Prayagraj and Moradabad authority, housing development on January 23 in the matter Is. He has sought full details of unsold properties from them.

Buyers not found despite trouble discount

About 3000 flats are lying vacant in Lucknow itself. Can’t find customers for them. Authority, Housing Development Council had reduced their prices earlier also. The prices of flats in housing development are higher than the prices of private builders. The council gave a discount of up to 20 percent. Still no customer found.

After surveying the preparation plans, the report was sought

The government has also asked the authorities for a comparative report of the prices of land and houses in the townships developed by the builders around their projects. Have asked at what rate private developers are selling houses and flats there. A policy will be made for disposal of assets.

Properties will be declared unpopular

The government has started the exercise of declaring unpopular properties as unpopular. An agreement has also been made on this in the meeting held in the government. The agencies have been asked to prepare details of properties falling in the unpopular category within 15 days. Provide information to the government without delay.

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