If she is not able to run the plant she has planted, then what to tell others? Akhilesh’s attack on the BJP government

Samajwadi Party’s National President Akhilesh Yadav has said that no matter how much the BJP government tries to mislead the people with its lies, now its wrist has been exposed among the public. The layers of corruption, which were hidden in the BJP government for six years, are getting exposed one by one. The SP chief said on Thursday that the BJP government of UP, which claims to have invested billions, is not even able to provide the budget for the ‘Cow Milk Plant’, due to which the payment of lakhs to the dairy operators and cattle herders is stuck. In such a situation, who would believe the claims of ‘Ease of Doing Business’.

If the government is not able to run the plant it has set up, then what to say to others? The biggest scam in Uttar Pradesh has happened in the matter of filling potholes on the roads. In Pratapgarh, the gravels have started getting uprooted as soon as they sweep the road being built at a cost of one and a half crores. As soon as the Bahuchara road was built from Kodra-Bhadupur, along with the uprooting, cracks have also appeared in the walls of the bridge built on this road. The mere formality is completed by filling the potholes with soil. This is the condition in the entire state.

There was a proposal at the time of Samajwadi government to build a perfume park in Kannauj. Why it could not start even in 6 years of BJP government? BJP’s conspiracy is now happening to make cow dung park in Kannauj. The perfume park was planned to be built in an area of ​​100 acres at a cost of 257 crores in the Samajwadi government. Now it has been decided to build it in an area of ​​50 acres at a cost of 100 crores only. The BJP government really has nothing to do with development. It is only interested in sowing the seeds of destruction in the name of development. The public has come to know that its condition is not going to improve under the BJP.

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