ICSE and ISC examinations will be held under Kovid Protocol 2019, these things have to be kept in mind

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) has issued guidelines for the ICSE (10th) and ISC (12th) examinations. Examinations will be held under Kovid Protocol 2019 only. The previous rules will remain applicable for the candidates. The exams are starting from 13 February.

ISC exams will be held from 13 February to 31 March. ICSE exams will run from February 27 to March 29. During this all precautions related to Kovid 19 will be taken. The Examination Supervisor can allow such students to appear in the examination if they come late but give the right reason for it. Barring exceptions, this exemption can be given up to half an hour.

Calculator allowed in ISC

The use of Casio FX 82 MS calculator is allowed in the ISC paper. But such a calculator cannot be used from which any kind of information can be obtained.

Calculator not given in ICSE

Pay attention to writing and spelling

According to the instructions of the board, every page of the copies received in the examination hall will have to be written leaving margins on both sides. Students will be able to use black-blue ball point and fountain pen. Students have been told to pay attention to writing and spelling as well. Marks may be deducted for bad writing and spelling. The examiners conducting the evaluation are given guidelines in this regard. Rough work will also have to be done in the same copy only. After rough work it can be crossed.

These tips of UP board are also effective

Please mention the number given in the question paper before answering.
– Use blue or black sketch pen for title, color pencil for drawing
– Write on both sides of the page in the answer sheet in the examination, do not leave the page blank
– Do the rough work on the last page of the copy or by pulling the margin on the right.
Do not just write the number in multiple choice, write the answer along with it.
– Write according to good handwriting, spelling, choice of words, clear grammar

up board exam

High School: February 16 to March 03
Intermediate: February 16 to March 04

cbse exam

10th: February 15 to March 21
12th: February 15 to April 05

CBSE City Coordinator Balwinder Singh said that the preparations for the board exams are going on. Center list will be released soon. The details of what the students have to do in the examination hall and what not to do will be given to them in the admit card. Precautions related to Kovid will be taken. Model papers have been made available for the students.

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