I do not believe in Ramcharitmanas, need for a big movement, warns SP MLA Pallavi Patel

The controversy regarding Ramcharit Manas is not taking the name of stopping. Apna Dal (Cameraist) leader and MLA Pallavi Patel has also taken an entry in this dispute. Pallavi Patel said that I have not read Ram Charit Manas, nor do I agree. On the statement of Swami Prasad Maurya, he said that deleting any one line will not work, work will be done only if such thoughts towards the deprived society are eradicated from the root. There is a need for a big movement regarding this.

Pallavi Patel held a press conference at PWD Guest House on Sunday. He said that I do not consider Goswami Tulsidas as a saint. He wrote the new book after studying all the Ramayanas. He said that Goswami Tulsidas is just a translator of Ramayana. Ramcharit Manas contains his personal views. Also said that Swami Prasad Maurya should protest while being in BJP.

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