How Team India became number one in Test cricket for two hours, know the real reason

How Team India became number one in Test cricket for two hours, know the real reason

Find out how Team India became number one in Test cricket for two hours as a technical glitch on the ICC website cost Australia the crown.

Australia is at the top as a team in the ICC Test Rankings at this time, but something happened on Tuesday, January 17 that suddenly the number one crown was placed on Team India’s head. However, in about two-and-a-half hours, there was a change in the Test rankings again and Team India reached the same place where it was. All this was seen on the official website of ICC.

In fact, before the four-match Test series played between India and Australia, Team India became the number one Test team in the world. The surprising thing in this is that when Test cricket is not being played in any country, then how the test ranking changed, but after a few hours it came to know that how the Indian team is number one in Test cricket. Made.

In fact, when screenshots of India becoming number one in Test cricket went viral on social media, even the ICC was blown away as Australia were on top with a huge margin. Even the rating points of the teams had dropped. At present, Australia has 126 points in its account and India has 115 points in its account. In such a situation, suddenly Team India has 115, but Australia gets reduced to 111 points.

This was the reason that when questions arose, the ICC took cognizance and the technical glitch on the ICC official website was rectified, due to which India again slipped to second place and Australia’s team became number one. The ICC Test rankings were last updated on 8 January 2022. This has now been corrected.

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India’s team was ranked number one on the ICC website, but till now the ICC has not given any response on it. Not only in the rankings of Team India and Australia, but there were ups and downs in the rankings of many other teams as well. However, one thing should be known that Team India has a chance to go on top, but for this India will have to beat Australia by 2-0, 3-1 or 4-0.

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