How expensive is the sticker of the new education policy? Books costlier by up to 48%

Books Price Increased: The prices of books were skyrocketed by putting stickers of New Education Policy (NEP). This increase has not been made one or two, but from 16 to 48 percent. At present its scope is from class I to VIII. The reason for this is said to be the rise in paper prices. Not only this, the content of the books that will be given to the children of public schools in the session 2023-24 will also be changed.

Sample books have also started reaching the schools. Schools are contacting the publishers where it has not reached. More or less all the publishers are making changes in the content under the new education policy. This is having a direct effect, those who did not want to change the school books, they have to change under compulsion.

All publishers including Kolkata, Bengaluru including local publishers have increased the prices of books from pre to class eight. For example, a class 1 social science book which cost Rs 229 will cost Rs 339 in the new session. The book which was priced at Rs 499 for Class VIII will now cost Rs 579. Similarly, the book of class one in maths which was Rs 339 will be Rs 439. The maths book of class eight was worth 479 which will increase to Rs 679.

can’t use old books

Due to the increase in the price, the burden on the pocket of the parents is sure to increase. Due to the increase in the rates of books, the changes made in the books due to the new education policy and the increase in the rates of other papers are being told. The problem with the sessions with the parents is that they cannot use the old books for the children.

Prateek Srivastava, coordinator of the Kanpur Schools Welfare Association, said that the new education policy is to be implemented. Due to this, a change in the content is also visible. Talking to the publishers, they say that the paper crisis and the increase in its rates are excessive. For this reason books are bound to be expensive. It will be difficult for the parents.

NEP based book rates

class wise books now first

Social Science 01 Rs 339 Rs 229

Social Science 02 Rs 359 Rs 309

Social Science 03 Rs 389 Rs 329

Social Science 04 Rs 409 Rs 349

Social Science 05 Rs 459 Rs 379

Social Science 06 Rs 539 Rs 489

Social Science 07 Rs 559 Rs 499

Social Science 08 Rs 579 Rs 499

Here too the prices have been increased

topic now first

Maths 01 Rs 439 Rs 339

Maths 02 Rs 469 Rs 369

Maths 03 Rs 489 Rs 379

Maths 04 Rs 519 Rs 389

Maths 05 Rs 549 Rs 399

Maths 06 Rs 589 Rs 409

Maths 07 Rs 639 Rs 429

Maths 08 Rs 679 Rs 479

Abhimanyu Gupta of Parents Association said that such a policy should be made at the national level regarding books so that expensive books can be controlled. Children should get the right to read old books. There is a need to control publishers and schools.

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