Great opportunity to see the temples and ghats of Varanasi from the sky, enjoy hot air balloon for just this much rupees

To promote adventure tourism in Varanasi, the second season of the Hot Air Balloon Festival began on Tuesday. Tourists are coming to Varanasi from far and wide to see it. This festival will run from January 17 to January 20. If you also want to enjoy Varanasi and Hot Air Balloon Festival. Then you have a great chance.

Hot air balloon ride fee

A fee of Rs 500 will have to be paid for the air balloon ride. In this fee, you will get a 45-minute ride from the hot air balloon. That is, tourists will travel 5 to 7 kilometers in the sky. In a day, 300 tourists will be able to see Varanasi from the open sky through balloons.

10 hot air balloons flew on the first day

Huge balloons were seen fluttering in the sky of Kashi on Tuesday. The people riding in the hot air balloon had a bird’s eye view of Baba’s city. There was curiosity to see the balloons. At the same time, he also had the thrill of flying. On the first day, 10 balloons were flown from the CHS ground in Kamachha. Tourists were mesmerized by visiting Kashi from the height of the sky. The landing of these balloons took place around the Varanasi-Chandauli border.

Apart from one Indian, 8 foreign pilots

Pilots from five UK, one US and one Canadian have arrived to control the giant high-flying balloons piloted by foreign pilots. Apart from this, a pilot is also from India.

Balloons are of different capacity, three points are fixed

The balloons that are being flown here have different capacities. Apart from one 14 seater, one 10 seater, there are also two seater, three seater balloons. They will be flown from different places by sensing the direction of the wind. For this, apart from the CHS ground at Kamchha, Domri and BHU’s amphitheater ground have also been selected.

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