Grandfather was killed in Khunnas for arranging marriage at another place, confessed the crime

In Rampur, the step-grandson who killed his grandfather in a minor dispute was arrested by the police within twenty-four hours. The accused confessed that he had killed the grandfather in a bid to fix the marriage at another place. Police challaned the accused after questioning.

On Sunday, nineteen-year-old Ankit’s son late Rajesh killed his step-grandfather Nathu Singh by stabbing him on the neck with a vegetable-cutter in Gharampur village of Dhakiya Chowki area of ​​Shahabad. After this the accused absconded. He attacked when Nathu Singh was cooking rice in the kitchen. In the incident, the case was filed by the wife of the deceased and real grandmother of the accused, Bhuri. Ever since the case was registered, the police was on the lookout for the accused. The police did not let even twenty-four hours pass and arrested the accused.

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