Good News: Yogi government will give up to 90% subsidy on food processing with solar energy in UP villages

It has been decided to give subsidy to micro and small food processing industries set up in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh for setting up solar power plants up to 75 KVA. The Yogi government will give 50 percent subsidy on the cost of the solar power project. At the same time, 90 percent subsidy will be given on plants in food processing units owned and operated by women.

Subsidy will also be given on transportation. Uttar Pradesh is land locked, so in order to make the processing industry more competitive in the state, transportation subsidy of 25 percent of the actual cost of transportation will be given on exports. This cost of transportation will be from the place of manufacturing-production in the state to the port of the importing country. On the other hand, 35 percent capital subsidy will be given on the expenditure incurred on plant, machinery and technical civil work on the establishment of food processing units in the state, which will be on the maximum limit of five crores. Not only this, capital subsidy of 35 percent will be given on the expenditure incurred on plant, machinery and technical civil work on the expansion of the units, the maximum limit of which will be one crore. According to the new UP Food Processing Industry Policy-23, if the Chak Road comes at the place where the food processing unit is set up, then 25 percent amount will not have to be paid on the circle rate. Earlier, for this, the investor had to pay 25 percent of the value of the land along with giving land at another place equal to the land on Chak Road.

Relief given in cess along with development fee and mandi fee

For setting up a food processing industry, the authority used to charge an external development fee, which in most cases was more than the rate of the land. In such a situation, an action plan has been prepared to give 75 percent exemption in external development fee for setting up maximum food processing industries in the state. At the same time, exemption will also be given in stamp duty for setting up industry. This will be reimbursed by the Food Processing Department through the budget. Along with this, agricultural products brought from other states for processing will now be exempted from market fee and cess.

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