Good News: Cholesterol will be controlled with one tablet of Rs 17 a day, injection of Rs 40,000 can get relief

Now, by taking just one pill of Rs.17 daily, the uncontrollable cholesterol of the patients will also come under control. In such a situation, now injections costing more than Rs 40,000 will not have to be taken every month. On an average, about five lakh rupees were used for the treatment of a patient, now only six thousand rupees medicine will be effective.

PGI’s cardiology department has started drug trials on patients from January. Initially, the trial of this drug in 20 patients has yielded good results. Doctors have also started research to know how effective this medicine is in patients and to know its results. According to the doctors, the availability of the medicine will also be made available to the general public soon.

Dr. Naveen Garg of Cardiology Department of PGI says that patients whose cholesterol is not normal despite taking many medicines. In these patients, the last option is injection costing more than 40 thousand. This injection is given every month. About five lakh rupees are spent on the patient for one year. Due to the high cost of injections, 80 percent of patients leave the treatment midway.

Drug trial started on Indian patients

Dr. Naveen Garg of the Cardiology Department of PGI said that for the first time the trial of this drug has been started on patients in the institute from January. Cholesterol test was done in 20 patients who took medicine during one month. In which the cholesterol of these patients decreased by 25 to 30 percent. Dr. Garg says that this medicine has given good results in other countries including America.

Risk of heart attack due to increase in cholesterol

Cholesterol is a kind of dirty substance in the body. Which accumulates in the veins of the blood. Increasing its level can lead to heart diseases, nerve diseases, heart attack and stroke.

Wrong eating is increasing cholesterol

Cholesterol is increasing due to more moist, fried fried things and other wrong eating habits and changed lifestyle. Cholesterol level also increases in diabetes and thyroid patients.

follow this too

exercise regularly and walk
control obesity
abstinence from smoking, alcohol
eat home cooked food
Fried roast, avoid excessive salt intake

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