Global Investors Summit will open the way for investment in new areas in UP, campaign will be intensified on new technology

UP Government Global Investors Summit will also become a means to find new avenues of investment. Not only the summit, the campaign for new technology, innovation and investment will intensify in the future as well. Not only in industrial financing, entertainment, but also in the sports sector, foreign investors and experts will share their experiences in this summit.

The new education policy will also be discussed in the Global Investors Summit 2023, as well as the health scenario after Covid. Experts from all over the world will separately discuss the new changes and technology coming in the media entertainment sector. Apart from this, there will be separate sessions on Tourism and Cultural Heritage, ODOP and Women Entrepreneurship, Food Processing-Food Basket of India, Advantage Uttar Pradesh: Defense Corridor, Sustainable Development-Renewable Energy.

There will be special sessions on E- Mobility- Vehicle, UP is Open for Business, Handloom & Textile- Weaving India, Healthcare Investors Lens Post Covid Scenario, IT & Data Centre, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, NCR. In all, there will be 19 sessions on various topics in three days.

Invest UP is making arrangements to seat around 2000 domestic and foreign investors in the main pandal during the inaugural session. By the way, 10000 entrepreneurs and businessmen have been invited in the entire summit. There are now only less than 24 days left for the summit. By the way, the state government is carrying out preparations in view of the investment conference held in Madhya Pradesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the recently held NRI convention in Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, the main pandal at the venue, the Brilliant Convention Centre, was reduced to a small size and many NRIs could not enter as it was already full. In that many political workers also sat at the place where the investors were supposed to sit. On this, many NRIs expressed their displeasure over the chaos. Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan himself expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to the guests, however, the Investors Summit held in Indore after this was very successful and MoUs were signed on investment proposals worth more than 15 lakh crores.

On the one hand, the UP government, taking a lesson from this, is making full preparations in such a way that investors coming from outside do not face any inconvenience. That’s why no one except the very special guests will be able to enter the galleries in front of the stage.

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