Girlfriend along with boyfriend and father killed fiance, the young man had hidden the matter of being married

On Monday, the police revealed the murder of a retired CRPF jawan, a resident of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Rakesh Saroj, who became a travel agent after taking VRS from CRPF, was found dead on January 12 in Basti Kalwari police station area. According to Police Station President Alok Kumar, his fiancee Sunita along with her father Vinod and lover Pintu had murdered him.

Police told that Rakesh Saroj had helped Sunita by hiding the fact of being married. When Sunita went to Kolkata to see his flat, she came to know that he is married and has two children. Apart from this, he does not even have a flat in Kolkata. Rakesh had also stopped giving him money. For this reason, he along with his father and lover had planned to kill him. The SHO said that Sunita and her associates were arrested on Monday. On the complaint of the brother of the deceased, a case of murder was registered against Sunita and others.

did not have a good relationship with his wife

During the investigation, the police found that the deceased Rakesh was a driver in Zoom Car Company in Lucknow after taking VRS from CRPF one and a half year back. He was married about 16 years ago. His relationship with his wife was not good because of which she lived with her brother in Kolkata. While driving a taxi, he met Sunita on the social media platform Snap. After which he started visiting the township frequently and also started sending money to Sunita. Rakesh told Sunita that he was a supply inspector. On April 15, 2022, along with some family members, Rakesh also got engaged to Sunita.

On January 9, Rakesh left his house saying that he was going to Lucknow, but he came to the township to meet Sunita. Rakesh talked about depositing three and a half lakh rupees in Sunita’s account at one o’clock in the night. On January 10, Rakesh again went to meet Sunita, where Sunita’s father Vinod and lover Pintu killed Rakesh by strangling her with a rope.

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