Girl students clashed outside coaching, kicked and punched fiercely, hair pulled out, VIDEO going viral

A video of the clash of girl students in UP’s Orai is becoming increasingly viral. The girl students who came out of coaching got entangled with each other on some issue. Then in no time the kicking and punching started. Each other’s hair was also pulled out. The screams of the girl students who were weak were also heard. There was a stir on the spot due to screams. Some students came forward for coaching and somehow pacified the matter. During this, some youths kept making videos of girl students fighting. The video of this fight that took place on Tuesday evening is becoming increasingly viral since Wednesday morning.

Many coaching institutes operate on the station road of the city. By the way, there has been a fight between student groups outside coaching every day here. On Tuesday evening, there was a clash between two groups of girl students, not students. In no time, the girl students started kicking and punching each other. During this, each other’s hair was also pulled. During this, there was a stir due to shouting.

Seeing the matter increasing, some boys somehow separated the girl students from each other. After getting the information, police from Kotwali also reached the spot. But by then all the girl students had left. The video of the fight between the girl students went viral on social media on Wednesday morning.

In the viral video, two groups of six girl students are seen fighting. Two or two girl students are seen in three groups beating each other and pulling their hair. The amazing thing is that during this time some girl students, who were watching the fight, are trying to get out of there laughing and smiling. It looks like he is even enjoying fighting with his classmates like this.

At present, no complaint has come to the police from any side. It is believed that the girl students have resolved the matter on their own. There is no preparation from the police side to take any action on the basis of the video. However, it is being said that after watching the video, the parents of some girl students have definitely come to the coaching and prepared a complaint. Now it has to be seen whether any action is taken against the girl students when the matter reaches coaching or they are left with just a warning.

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