Girl rebelled in love affair, left her home for lover, husband showed real face only after two months

For which he left the house, two months ago after rebelling against his family members, he vowed to be together for seven births. Even the henna on the hands had not dried yet that the deceitful husband cheated. Demanding dowry, the accused left the wife at her maternal home. The case is related to two villages of the police station area. A girl resident of Hardaspur Kothra was having a love affair with a youth resident of Daukpuri Tanda.

Both wanted to get married but the family members of the girl were not ready. The girl rebelled against her family for marriage. Challenging the family, the girl left the house with her lover two months ago. During this, the relatives tried hard to stop the girl but she did not agree. Going to the temple, the loving couple completed the marriage rituals and vowed to live and die together. But after a few days of marriage, the husband came to his position and started demanding dowry.

The married woman told her family members about the demand of her in-laws on the phone. But the parents of the married woman did not agree and refused to talk to the girl as well. On Sunday, the husband left the married woman at her maternal home and threatened to leave her if the dowry was not arranged within two days. The married woman, who reached the outpost with her family members, has made serious allegations against her husband and demanded action.

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