Gang rape by calling in the name of job, threatening to kill by showing pistol

In the Kotwali area of ​​Prayagraj, a case of gangrape has come to the fore by giving a job to a young woman. The police have arrested some suspects by registering an FIR.

Police said that the girl, a resident of Beniganj, has lodged a gang rape report against Rehan and his three other accomplices. The girl told the police that she needed a job. He had given his mobile number to many people. One day a young man named Rehan Ali called and said that he would get a job. Called to a hotel located in Loknath area on last Friday.

There he gang-raped his friends. He had threatened by brandishing a pistol that he would shoot and kill him if he protested. Due to this fear, he did not raise any noise. Later Kotwali requested the police for help. Police said that the medical examination of the girl would be conducted.

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