Four youths of Ghazipur died in Nepal plane crash, went for a walk three days ago; Facebook Live was just before the accident

Nepal Plane Crash: Four friends of Ghazipur were killed in a plane crash in Pokhara, Nepal on Sunday. With the recovery of the dead body, they could be identified, then the administration went to the village and confirmed it. When the brother of the deceased saw Facebook live, he saw the video of the accident. There was chaos in the family after the news of the death of the four tourists in Nepal. While the administration and the police are engaged in collecting other information including the details of the dead, they were anxious to know the condition of their bodies.

On Sunday, a 72-seater plane of Yeti Airlines crashed in Pokhara, 205 km from Kathmandu. Just 10 seconds before landing, the plane hit a hill, after which the plane caught fire and fell into a ditch. Four friends of Ghazipur also lost their lives in this painful accident. Sonu Jaiswal, Abhishek Kushwaha, Anil Kumar Rajbhar and Vishal Sharma, residents of Baresar Alawalpur, who were aboard the plane, have been identified and confirmed by the Nepal administration. It was told that the four friends along with Sonu Jaiswal were preparing to go out for several days, all together had made a plan to visit Nepal last month itself. On January 13, the four friends went to Mau by car and then reached Kathmandu by bus.

On Sunday, the plane fell victim to an accident while going from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Before the accident, a video of him has also surfaced on Facebook which Sonu Jaiswal was doing live. In this, while showing the inside and outside scenes, the plane crashed and the flames were also captured. There was a stir on the information of four dead from Ghazipur in Nepal accident. In a hurry, police and administrative officers reached the village and took information from the villagers. Kasimabad SDM and Tehsildar spoke to the relatives of the deceased.

At least 62 passengers have died

At least 62 passengers have died after a Yeti Airlines plane crashed while landing at the airport in Pokhara, Nepal. There were 72 people including five Indians on board the plane. Pokhara is a famous tourist destination in this Himalayan country. There were 68 passengers and four crew members on board the aircraft. The plane was coming from Kathmandu and crashed near the airport. Similar incidents have been seen in Nepal earlier also. This time the accident is said to be more serious. On an average, one plane crash occurs in Nepal in a year.

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