Forgery in schemes by showing married as widow, minister Aseem Arun will get the investigation done

A married woman was made a widow by killing her husband on paper… then she got the married woman married on paper by showing her as unmarried. There is a stir in the department due to the disclosure of thousands of similar cases of loot of government money in the family benefit and mass marriage scheme of the Social Welfare Department.

The role of social workers, accountants, village development and district social welfare officers has come to the fore in this corruption. Social Welfare Minister Aseem Arun has ordered an inquiry into the matter in the entire state.

This is how corruption is done

Funds are being grabbed by putting fake death certificates in the family benefit scheme. In this scheme, on the death of the head of the family living below the poverty line, a lump sum amount of Rs 30 thousand is given to the widow or other dependent. Last year in Gorakhpur, 936 fake applications were found in the investigation of 1224 applications of this scheme. Similarly, irregularities were also reported in Bahraich, Pilibhit, Noida, Aligarh, Agra, Saharanpur and Ghazipur. Sanju of Tikri Uparhar of Prayagraj is married and has two children and her marriage was shown in the mass marriage scheme of the Social Welfare Department.

In this scheme, the government spends a total of 51 thousand rupees on the marriage of the daughter of the poor family, out of which 31 thousand rupees is given in the bank account of the girl and the remaining amount of 20 thousand rupees is spent on marriage and gifts etc. So far, more than 45 such cases have come in Prayagraj, in which women are already married. It is alleged that this entire forgery took place with the connivance of District Social Welfare Officer, Assistant Development Officer and Village Development Officers.

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