Forgery by making death certificate of living people, in connivance with officials, grabbed more than 25 lakhs

In Sambhal district, the gang which grabs the amount of insurance claim by making fake death certificates of living people is active. More than ten cases have come to the fore, in which death certificates of living people were made by showing them as dead and the members of this gang operating mini banks grabbed the insurance claim amount. In many cases, cases have been registered in the police stations, but even after that the action has not progressed. In such a situation, the spirits of the vicious people running this gang are high.

Under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, many years ago, apart from rural areas, mini bank operators opened accounts with zero balance of people by going door to door in urban areas as well. After opening the bank account, the mini bank operators had insured the account holders under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana.

After getting the insurance, the mini bank operators in connivance with the officers got the death certificates of innocent people made in a fake way and started the business of grabbing the insurance claim amount. In some cases investigations were carried out by insurance companies. So more than ten cases came to light one after the other. In this, the people of this gang grabbed the claim amount by showing him dead even after being alive. According to ASP Shreeshchandra, action is going on in the cases in which cases have been registered. If any new case comes up, action will be taken after investigation.

No action was taken even after the case was registered

Careful. Cases have been registered in several police stations including Nakhasa, Kailadevi, Hazratnagar Garhi, Junavai against the people of the gang who fraudulently grabbed the insurance claim amount. Even after several months have passed since the case was registered, no action has been taken against them. People with whom fake death certificates were prepared in connivance. That too has not been investigated. If the officers pay attention to this and investigate, then the connivance of many employees and officers will also come to the fore.

Depicting Mayadevi as dead, grabbed the insurance claim amount

Careful. Mayadevi’s wife Mitrapal, a resident of Shehzadi Sarai in Sadar Kotwali area, had filed a case at Nakhasa police station on December 7. In which it was shown that Shobhit Sharma, head of village Bhataula, who runs a mini bank in front of the SDM court, had insured it under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana.

Grabbed the insurance claim amount by showing him dead. In this case, a case was registered against Pradhan Shobhit Sharma, Sarangpur resident Ravi Sharma, Dhurita resident Hariom Yadav, Suraj Plaza Sambhal resident Jeetpal Yadav, Bhadraula resident Vedpal and some unknown people.

A case was filed against Pradhan

Careful. Satpal Singh, a resident of Mohalla Hallu Sarai of the city, filed a case at Nakhasa police station on December 4. It was said in this that village head Shobhit Sharma, a resident of Bhataula, embezzled the insurance claim amount by showing him dead. The victim had filed a case against the accused Pradhan Shobhit Sharma.

FIR was lodged against three including customer service center operator and husband

Careful. Ramprakash, a resident of village Azhra in Kailadevi area, filed a case on January 1. In which it was told that Sunita, her husband Pushpendra and brother-in-law, resident of Azhra village, customer service center operator of State Bank of India, got the accounts opened from door to door of the people of the area and fraudulently grabbed money from their bank accounts.

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