Flies are breaking relationships in 10 villages of UP, 6 daughters-in-law returned to their maternal homes

Flies can also make life difficult. How did a fly turn Sudeep’s life upside down in SS Rajamouli’s Makkhi? Similar is the condition of ten villages of Ahirori block of Hardoi, UP. In one of these villages, six brides have returned to their parents in Badhaiyanpurwa. They have told the husbands who went to bring them back – either leave your village full of flies or leave us. The marriages of the bachelors of these villages are not happening. Distressed people are forced to protest.

In the last one year, six daughters-in-law left their in-laws in Carpenterwa. Sharda’s wife went to her maternal home within a year. There is a need for separation. Moongalal’s wife Shivani is no longer ready to live in the village. It was clearly said that if you leave the village and live somewhere else, I will be with you. Not in this village full of flies. The wives of Azad and Vijay have also gone to their maternal homes.

This village is troubled by flies

Badhaiyanpurwa, Kuian, Patti, Dahi, Salempur, Fatepur, Jhalpurwa, Nayagaon, Deoria, Ekghara

broken relationships before they even started

Not a single marriage took place in this Sahalag village. When some relations came, the flies did not allow them to join. Ajay Verma and Ramkhilavan’s daughters, Dharmendra’s sister’s relationship broke down during adoption. Dharmendra said- When those who came to see sister Sarita, the flies broke down as soon as they kept the sweets. The boys refused.

hard life for three years

Commercial layers farm (poultry farm) was opened here in 2014. Initially everything was fine but for the last three years the population of flies in the nearby villages increased hundreds of times. Being the closest, life has become difficult in Carpenterpurwa.

The people of the village are protesting in turn

The people of Carpenterpurwa are staging an indefinite dharna outside the village, demanding the removal of flies. The women of the village reach the dharna going on outside the village after finishing their work by noon.

Vikas Kumar, representative of the village head, says that the flies have become so much that marriages are difficult. Last year, the marriages of three boys and four girls were solemnized. All the three daughters-in-law left. The in-laws are not sending the daughters to their maternal homes. This time no one’s marriage has been decided yet.

Ahirori CHC Superintendent Manoj Kumar Singh told that many times camps have been organized. treated. No trend of any fly borne disease has been found.

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