First Imran Masood went, now Shafiqur Rahman praises Mayawati, will the equation of Muslim vote change?

UP Politics: The move of former MLA Imran Masood, who left the Samajwadi Party (SP) and joined the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) three months ago, was seen as a major advance for Mayawati in the Muslim politics of West UP. Now suddenly SP MP from Sambhal Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Barke has started praising BSP supremo Mayawati. Regarding this, a fresh discussion has started in the political circles of UP that whether the Muslim votes of UP, mobilized till now in favor of the Samajwadi Party, can change? BSP supremo Mayawati is continuously trying for this after the last assembly elections in UP.

In her very first message after winning only one seat in the assembly elections, Mayawati clearly stated that her defeat was because the Muslim community unilaterally voted for the Samajwadi Party. This resulted in polarization of Hindu votes in favor of BJP. Ever since the election results came out, Mayawati has been busy giving the message that only BSP can compete with BJP in UP. Along with this, she is not missing any opportunity to make a dent in SP’s Muslim vote bank. Then whether it is the issue of giving statement in support of Azam Khan or inclusion of Bahubali Atiq’s family in BSP in Prayagraj.

Mayawati’s message is clear. She is continuously welcoming the leaders of Muslim community in BSP. This strategy of Mayawati was believed to be the reason why former MLA Imran Masood was made the convenor of Uttarakhand along with four mandals of western Uttar Pradesh as soon as he joined the party. Political experts say that Masood was angry about his neglect in the SP. He left the post of National Secretary of Congress and Delhi in-charge and joined SP but he was not getting the place in SP which he considered himself entitled to. BSP leaders made a precise strategy to take advantage of Masood’s displeasure. First, he was made to meet the BSP supremo, then a public announcement was made of his joining the BSP. After joining the party, when Masood went to the party meeting in Lucknow, he was given a big signal by giving him a place in the first row. Imran Masood has been made the convenor of Saharanpur, Meerut, Bareilly and Moradabad divisions of western Uttar Pradesh and has also been made the convenor of Uttarakhand.

What could be the purpose of praising Shafiqur Rahman?

Now the way Samajwadi Party MP Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Burke has praised Mayawati from Sambhal, its political meaning is being extracted. In fact, on her birthday, Mayawati had announced to fight alone in the next elections. Responding to this, Burke told Mayawati the need of the country and said that she has done a lot of work for her community. We of Bahaisiyat Muslims also support them. Shafiqur Rahman also said that I have also been in BSP. Then I had won the election and the SP had lost. He said that Mayawati has done a lot of work for her community. Mayawati is a personality. The country needs them. Mayawati is needed to stop atrocities on OBCs.

Is Burke angry with SP?

Is Shafiqur Rahman, one of the famous MPs of the Samajwadi Party and always in controversies, angry with his party? Political experts who agree with this apprehension say that the reason for their displeasure may be that Akhilesh Yadav has replaced MP Dr. ST Hasan as the leader of the SP in the Lok Sabha. While Dr. S.T. Hassan is a first time MP and Burke is a multiple time MP. Burke has also been the minister of Uttar Pradesh. Burke may have felt bad that despite being so senior, Dr. ST Hasan was made the leader of the party in his place. For this reason, he may once again be planning to join the BSP. Experts say that if Burke joins the BSP, it will be seen as another gain for Mayawati in West UP. At the same time BSP will get another big Muslim face.

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