First for England and now for Zimbabwe, this player scored a Test century, created history

First for England and now for Zimbabwe, this player scored a Test century, created history

Until now, Kepler Wessels had done the feat of scoring a century in Test cricket for two countries, but now Zimbabwe player Gary Ballance has also joined this list. He has also shown this wonder.

Zimbabwe player Gary Ballance has created a history. He is the second player in the world to score a century for two countries in Test cricket. Gary Ballance scored a century for Zimbabwe against the West Indies in Bulawayo. He has previously played international cricket for the England team and has also scored several centuries in Test cricket.

Before Gary Balance, Kepler Wessels of South Africa had done this charisma. Apart from South Africa, Kepler Wessels also scored a century in Test cricket for Australia. Wessels has scored four Test centuries for Australia and two for South Africa. At the same time, Gary Ballance has scored 4 centuries for England and now 1 century for Zimbabwe. If he scores two more centuries, he will create history.

Against the West Indies, Gary Ballance not only avoided the follow-on for the Zimbabwe team, but also put the team in a good position with a century. However, there is little chance of a result for this match as four days of play has come to an end. The visiting team West Indies definitely have a lead of 89 runs, but the Caribbean team will be in no mood to declare the innings early.

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If the West Indies team declares the innings after playing at least 45-50 overs on the fifth day of the match and sets a chaseable target against Zimbabwe, then the result of the match can also come out. In this situation Zimbabwe team will try to score runs. In such a situation, there will be a possibility of wicket falling. However, the chances of having so many ifs and buts are extremely low.

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