FIR on two sub-inspectors in Lucknow, the complainant was brutally beaten up to grab the land

In Thakurganj police station, a case has been registered against 10 people, including Balaganj outpost in-charge Anil Kumar Singh and beat in-charge Ashok Kumar Singh, for barging into the house, beating and indecent behavior. Not only this, both the sub-inspectors are also accused of beating the complainant and behaving indecently inside the police station after taking him out of the lock-up. This FIR has been written on the orders of the court.

Complainant Durga Prasad Dwivedi alleges that he had complained about occupation of government land. The police, who came to investigate, connived with the accused and attacked their house. The police got the medical done in which the injury was also confirmed. The complainant had filed an application in the court only after the local police and officers did not listen.

Durga Prasad Dwivedi, a resident of Thakurganj Baraura Hussainbari, has written in the FIR that on January 8, some people tried to encroach on the government land near the house. Among them were Shivratan Jaiswal, Vishal, Hrithik Jaiswal and others. On protesting, these people started fighting. When the police reached on the information, it also sided with those who tried to occupy it. After this Balaganj outpost in-charge Anil Kumar Singh and beat in-charge Ashok Kumar Singh reached there. In front of them also, the accused created ruckus and fight in the house. The police only took Durga Prasad to the police station.

Outpost in-charge beat a lot in the police station

Durga Prasad alleged that the police had colluded with the accused. On this only, after taking action against him for breach of peace, he was put in lockup. When his sister reached there, the policemen abused her. It is alleged that Inspector Amit and Ashok took them out of the lockup and beat them with kicks and bribes. He fell unconscious. The police stopped beating him only when he fell. When the police got him medical on the morning of January 9, it was confirmed that he was injured. The doctor asked to get X-ray done but the police did not get it done. Durga Prasad alleges that his thumb was fractured. X-ray would have proved this, so the police did not listen to the doctor.

Accused of threatening the accused

Durga also alleged that the accused are now threatening her. They are saying that if you get an FIR done, it will not be fine. His family’s life is in danger.

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