EPFO: Employees’ problems will be solved, provident fund organization will reach the districts after coming out of the offices

EPFO: If the subscribers, pensioners and employers have any kind of problem, then there will be a solution at their doorstep. You will not have to go round the EPFO ​​to file a complaint. For the first time, EPFO ​​will leave the offices and reach the districts. The ‘Nidhi Aapke Niktat 2.0’ program will be started in the districts by the department. Till now the Pension Adalat and Nidhi Aapke Nidhi program continues to run for the grievances of the shareholders in the zonal offices only.

RPFC Alok Yadav of Employees Provident Fund Organization Headquarters has issued a letter to all zone and regional PF offices making it clear that there will be programs of the organization in the districts. The responsibility for this should be given to the enforcement officers and a blueprint should be prepared. RPFC has issued a guideline saying that for conducting such programs in the districts, DM and labor department officials will be consulted first, then the complete schedule will be decided. The programs will be for the whole day, there will not be only one task in it.

It was said that along with the awareness program in the guideline, dialogue should also be held with the DM and departmental officers, so that the schemes of EPFO ​​can be publicized in the districts. EPFO Board Member Harbhajan Singh said that the organization’s initiative has started at the right time. RPFC has prepared the complete blueprint and released it.

With this, PF subscribers and pensioners will not have to run to the zonal offices in the districts. Along with this, it will also play an important role in increasing the coverage. There are 5.50 crore active PF account holders in the country and 18 lakh in UP, who will start getting facilities in their districts.

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