E-bus fare has doubled in this city of UP, instead of six, you will have to pay Rs 11.

The minimum fare for e-buses has been doubled. On the instructions of the Directorate of Urban Development, the Kanpur City Transport Company management has increased the minimum fare of electric AC buses from Rs.6 to Rs.11. The new fare is applicable with immediate effect.
Officials of Kanpur City Transport Company say that the increase has been done with the intention of reducing the losses of e-buses. The cost of operating electric buses is Rs 70 per km. The income is being made at the rate of Rs 20 per km. The loss of Rs 50 per km is compensated by the subsidy received from the government.

Income will increase as soon as winter subsides

At present, 98 buses are plying on different routes in the city. Before winter, the income had increased to Rs 24 per km, but in winter the number of passengers was less. Due to this the income decreased.

E-Bus Service Regional Manager Operations DV Singh said, on the instructions of the directorate, the minimum fare of AC electric buses has been increased by five rupees in the entire state. Earlier this fare was five rupees, but one rupee accident compensation is added, due to which the minimum fare was six rupees, but it was valid only for three km. Now Rs 11 will have to be paid for traveling up to six km.

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