Disgusting act of the teacher, used to do obscenity with girl students, such an open case, then…

In a college in Barabanki, a teacher who misbehaved with girl students was suspended. On the request of the girl students, the DIOS directed the college manager and the principal to constitute a committee and get the matter investigated. When the committee of women teachers met the victim girl students and investigated the matter, the girl students confirmed the complaints in writing. After this, the concerned teacher was suspended by the college management committee.

Vishwanath Pal, posted as English teacher at National Inter College. In December 2022, several girl students of the college accused the principal and management of Pal of obscenity and misbehavior in the classrooms. The complaint letter was also sent to DIOS. On January 15, the DIOS constituted a Women’s Inquiry Committee and directed to conduct an inquiry. On which a four-member committee was formed consisting of a spokesperson of Government Girls Inter College, a spokesperson and assistant teacher of the concerned college and a girl student. When the committee investigated, all the allegations were found to be true. The girl students also confirmed the allegations in writing.

On the other hand, concerned teacher Vishwanath Pal said that he was not aware of the complaints. On January 24, the DIOS issued a letter to the manager and the principal, asking them to send the report within a week after taking the inquiry report of the constituted committee, the college management’s opinion about the inquiry report and the explanation of the concerned teacher.

On January 31, the college manager sent a letter to the DIOS, in which, citing the report of the inquiry committee, it was said that the allegations of the girl students were found to be true. An emergency meeting of the College Management Committee was held on February 4, 23. In which the manager was authorized to investigate the allegations which were found to be true. Till the completion of the investigation, the accused teacher Vishwanath Pal was suspended. He is attached to the mathematics lecturer of the college. On enquiry, the college manager said that it has been confirmed that the teacher had committed obscenity with the girl students, on which action was taken as per the rules. DIOS OP Tripathi described the matter as very serious. He said that immediate action will be taken in the matter as soon as the report of the Management Committee is received.

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