Devotees thronged in large numbers to visit Banke Bihari, the pressure of the crowd created screams, the condition of six deteriorated

The crowd gathered to see Thakur Banke Bihari on Magh Purnima once again became uncontrollable. On Sunday, the health of about half a dozen people deteriorated under the pressure of the crowd. Among them there were some devotees who were told about one or the other disease in advance. These devotees were sent home after first aid. Due to the crowd, the hands and feet of the policemen who were involved in the system also swelled.

Due to Magha Purnima falling on Sunday, devotees thronged Vrindavan since morning to have darshan of Thakur Banke Bihari. The desire to have darshan and the fear of closure of the temple was troubling the devotees so much that they were not holding back from moving forward by pushing each other. Security personnel, policemen and RRF jawans present in the streets around Banke Bihari temple also fell short. Around 11:30 in the afternoon, when the crowd did not take the name of reducing, the pushing started.

By noon it was such that the pressure of the crowd in the streets around the temple became unbearable. The hands and feet of the security personnel also swelled while handling the crowd. If any of the devotees caught in the crowd had difficulty in breathing, children and elders started shouting because they could not bear the pressure. In such a situation, the health of some devotees deteriorated and they were taken to the doctors sitting on the platform near gate number one. Dr. Ran Vijay Singh and Pharmacist Jitendra Singh gave quick response and provided first aid.

Sikander Singh s/o Ramchandra (76), a resident of Azamgarh, who arrived with a complaint of chest pain, was given first aid. Jabalpur resident Ramji’s son Shankarlal was feeling uncomfortable in walking due to diabetes. Those who were referred to the District Joint Hospital when the condition worsened. Shanti Swaroop’s son Beniram (62), a resident of Delhi, suffering from hypertension, was cured by the doctors by making him sit. After that he left for his destination.

Shanti Swaroop, who reached the District Joint Hospital, recovered by evening. He then went to an ashram to rest from the hospital. The relatives told that the health remains bad. They came after insisting. Due to the pressure of the crowd, his health had deteriorated. Shweta, a resident of Jabalpur, wailed due to the heat and suffocation in the crowd, while 60-year-old Ramji Prasad Jharia also had trouble breathing. Whom the relatives took to a private hospital.

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