Devotees come to get shoes and slippers stolen in this temple of Sai Baba, the belief is unique

You went to the temple, had darshan of God, when you came out, you see that the slippers or shoes you had come wearing are not there. That means it has been stolen. Sometimes this happens and people come with regrets. But in the Sai temple of Prayagraj, whose slippers and shoes are stolen, he comes home happily.

Actually, there is a strange belief in this temple that it is auspicious to steal slippers and shoes from this temple. You may find this thing strange, but those who believe in this temple believe that if their slippers and shoes are stolen from the temple, then it is an auspicious event.

A large number of devotees throng this Sai temple on Thursdays with the hope that their footwear would be stolen. According to astrology, if your shoes and slippers or iron goods are stolen on Saturday, then it is auspicious. Astrology says that if your shoes and slippers are stolen on Saturday, then your bad times are about to end and good times are about to begin.

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