Daughter-in-law and granddaughters brutally beat grandmother in Bahraich, uprooted hair, old woman kept crying

In Bahraich, an elderly woman of Khairi Samaisa village was thrashed by her granddaughters by pulling out her hair at the behest of her daughter-in-law’s relatives. The woman is sobbing loudly with the uprooted hair of her head in her hand, and is accusing her granddaughters of beating her. Police has taken cognizance of the video going viral on social media.

The old woman of Khairi Samaisa village of Motipur police station area has alleged that her son’s in-laws, Imamganj’s Riyaz and Jabbar came to her house on Saturday. After this both of them said something to the daughter-in-law, then the two daughters of the son started beating their grandmother with kicks and fists. When she was beating by pulling her hair. Someone captured all this in mobile. In the video, the victim is accusing the family members of driving her out of the house. Inspector-in-charge Mukesh Kumar Singh told that the matter is being shown by sending the police team to the spot. Every possible help will be given to the old lady.

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