Danveer Karna also had to face humiliation due to being a Shudra, Akhilesh Yadav gave further edge to the backward-Dalit fight

The controversy that started with the statement on Ramcharitmanas has reached the Mahabharata. Akhilesh Yadav targeted CM Yogi on Sunday, giving the example of Danveer Karna. Said that Danveer Karna also had to face humiliation because of being a Shudra. Akhilesh even said that the same people who divided the society into castes do not want caste census to be conducted. It is said that the BJP does not want to give the rights given to the backward-Dalits in the Constitution. Till the caste census is not done, how will backward and Dalits get participation. If these people cannot get the caste census done, then they should withdraw from the government. We will get the caste census done in three months.

Talking to the media in Mainpuri on Sunday, Akhilesh said that the problem of caste system is not of today. This is a five thousand year old problem. It will not be solved in a day. Said that if you read Mahabharata, you will know what Karna had to face because of being a Shudra. Yogi ji is coming, you people ask him on this. Said that read what Ramdhari Singh Dinkar ji has written about Karna. He has written how Karna had to be humiliated just because he was a Shudra.

Taking the name of BJP, Akhilesh said that these are the people who have created the caste system. These people do not want to end caste. These people do not want to give rights to castes. They do not want to give the rights given in the constitution to the backward and downtrodden castes. BJP people want to promote the caste system. That’s why they are ready not to do caste census. All castes will get their rights and participation only after caste census.

Akhilesh said that even the right given in the constitution is not being given. This government should tell how many vice-chancellors in state universities are backward-Dalit and tribal. How many VCs are backward-Dalit and tribal in Central University. The officers that backward Dalits have got in the constitution. That too is going to be snatched away.

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