Dacoits were recruited on Facebook, RSS leader’s house was the target, such a sinister conspiracy exposed

A new method of crime came to the fore in the attempted robbery at the house of RSS functionary Vijayveer Rastogi in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The accused hired the miscreants by contacting on Facebook and planned the robbery. Two miscreants were called from Sonipat but after doing Reiki, these miscreants refused to do the incident. After this, he contacted the miscreants again on Facebook and was involved in the crime by luring them with a huge amount.

Gym trainer Bhavna along with her daughter Vanshika planned the incident at Vijayveer Rastogi’s house. Vanshika prepared her boyfriend Vivek resident of Moradabad for the incident. Vivek searched for the miscreants and contacted two youths from Sonepat on Facebook and called them to Meerut by luring them with a hefty amount. Vivek also came to Meerut. After this, Reiki of the Sheeshmahal house was done together with Bhavna. Later, the criminals of Sonepat retracted from committing the crime. After this, for two months, Vivek searched for some youths on Facebook and hired them for the incident. Vivek lured that he would give 50 percent share in the stolen goods. The police is checking the criminal record of all of them.

Bhavana is a gym trainer

SP Crime Anit Kumar told that Bhavna is a female gym trainer and gives training at home as well. Due to a dispute with her husband, Bhavna lives in a separate house with her daughter. Vanshika also has a dispute with her husband and stays with her mother.

Reiki was done two days before the incident

Ankit Rastogi, the elder son of Vijayveer Rastogi, has considered Bhavna as a relative. Told that Bhavna is the granddaughter of his father’s uncle. Ankit told that he has not been in contact with Bhavna for 9-10 years, so apart from him, only wife Aditi Rastogi, father Vijayveer Rastogi and mother Sudha recognize Bhavna. On January 13, Bhavna came home with her daughter Vanshika and rang the doorbell. The door was opened by Akanksha, wife of younger brother Vyas. Bhavna tells Aanksha that her daughter has to use the washroom. Seeing the woman, Akanksha called both of them inside. During this Reiki was done.

Was planning to kill the family

Ankit told that the police asked Bhavna what would have happened if she had been recognized inside because of being a relative. On this Bhavna said that in order not to be recognized, he would have killed everyone. Ankit expressed gratitude that a big crisis was averted from the family.

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