Controversy over sitting in the train, youth created ruckus at the station, threw stones and broke glass, many passengers were injured

There was a dispute over sitting in a train standing at Gonda station. On this, some passengers thrashed a young man and made him come down. After this he pelted stones on the train. Many passengers were injured in this. Apart from this, the glasses of the train were also broken. Though the train had already started, it was stopped at some distance. After this the train was flagged off by the guard.

The arrival of 15530 Jan Sadharan Express from Anand Vihar to Saharsa at Gonda station of North Eastern Railway at 12:49 pm. It is being told that the passengers clashed with each other to sit in the train. After this a scuffle started, some people took down a young man and threw him down. After this, the angry youth created such a ruckus that there was chaos at the station. Many window panes of the train were broken by his stone pelting. There is also news of injuries to many passengers in this incident. Due to stone-pelting, along with the passengers, the jawans posted in the security of the station were also seen searching for a safe place. RPF said that action has been started by taking Gulfam, a resident of Jethmana village, Madhepura police station Golwara in Bihar, into custody. RPF says that the young man has done such an act due to his poor condition.

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